10th Year Anniversary


“Wow, just wow!  I can’t believe how much this sport has progressed over the past 10 years!  Every year I keep thinking that there is no way that the riders can push it harder, but every year they surprise me and do things that I never thought was possible! The 10th edition of JOI is over and some more fantastic riding is in the books! From an organizing stand point this is the year that I am the most happy about, we stayed on time though out the event, new tricks was landed on the Big Air side and the racing was tighter than ever with tow Olympic gold medalists on the start field, so I just want to thank everyone that came out and made this event possible! Thats what pushes me to keep trying to improve this event year after year!

As for what the future holds for JOI we will see what happen, but there is a lot plans being town around, so make sure to book your trick to Åre and come join us next year!  Make sure to check out all the pics and videos under the blog tab to get a feel for how much fun we had up here!”




The Head Big Air event has been the cornerstone of the event since day one, and our goal has always been to give the riders the best possible jump to enable them to land tricks that have never been landed before. This year we have seen some crazy stuff on the Olympics so we are sure that there will be some incredible stuff being thrown. The format this year is new as I wanted to make sure we keep the show in the event. Qualifying will take place on Friday where everyone gets 3 jumps. The best 16 riders will move on to the final on Saturday and the two best skiers will be guaranteed a spot in the super final. On Saturday the 16 skiers will be divided into pairs and we will run a head to head format until we reach the final. Then the two top qualifiers will join the two skiers that has moved on to the super final and they will all have 2 jumps where the best one counts. This way we have an exciting format but we also make sure that we will have he top skiers in the super final where they have two jumps each so they really can go for it, so I think this will be the best format that we have had!
The Dual SL event was added to JOI when I switched over to alpine skiing as I had realized that we are all skiers and it would be cool to compete in the same arena together. This year we have added 8 women to the event to mix it up even more, so we now have 16 freestyle skiers, 8 alpine men and 8 alpine women. The goal with the course is to make it as interesting as possible with jumps, bumps and a distance that is right in-between GS and SL. There will be a time trail on Friday that creates a ranking for Saturday, so if you ski fast there you know that you will be paired up against a slower skier in the first round. On Saturday they will be paired up based on their qualifying time, they then take one run in each course and whoever wins the total time will move on to the next round! Since Head has put their main ski test in Åre we can expect to see a field packed with super stars battling it out for the winning spot!










Jesper Tjäder
Joss Christensen
Lars Björum
Elias Ambuehl
Alexander Aurdal
Espen Bergh
Johan Berg
Torin Yater-Wallace
Oscar Wester
John Brown
Alex Bellemare

PK Hunder
Henrik Harlaut
Vincent Gagnier
Frej Jönsson
Fabian Bösch
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
Christof Schenk
Noah Morrison
Matt Walker
Robby Franco


Hans Olsson
Leif Kristain Haugen
Warner Nickersson
Truls Johanssen
Mattias Hargin
Kjetil Jansrud
Matthias Mayer
Sebastian Foss Solevåg

Maria PH
Julia Mancuso
Anna Swenn-Larsson
Ragnhild Mowinckel
Nathalie Eklund
Sara Hector
Carmen Thalmann
Rosina Schneeberger





Friday April 11th

19.00 – 21.00
Qualifiacations Head Big Air
3 jumps, best one counts
Top 16 move on to Finals

19.00 – 21.00
Time trial BAC
All skiers take one run in each course 
to create a rankning for Saturdays Final

23.00 – 02.00
Party at Bygget



Saturday April 12th

14.00 – 14.15
Poster signing at Åre Torg

19.00 – 21.00
Finals in Head Big Air 
Head to Head format
4 person super final with 2 jumps
Best jump wins!

19.00 – 21.00
Finals BAC
Head-to-Head format

23.00 – 02.00
After Party at Bygget


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